Case Conference Program

Monday, April 30
Lunch: 12:00 PM
12:30 Greetings from ACIA Leadership: Ned Benton and Glenn Corbett
ACIA History: Frank Ochberg
Logistic Concerns: Victor Herbert; Lisa Rodriguez

Session One: 1:00-3:00
The Incident in Images
Report from Survivors
Discussion Leader: Julie Pierson
Panel: Chris and Jenny Babji; Mark and Gina Capanzzi

Break: 3:00-3:15 

Session Two: 3:15-4:45
Report from Responders
Discussion Leader: Dr. Sandro Cinti
Panel: Dr. Lonnie Empey + 3 others (Empey and Cinti)

Break: 4:45-6:00

Dinner: 6:00-8:00 PM

Evening: Free

Tuesday May 1
Breakfast: 8:00 AM

Session Three: 8:30-10:00
Walking Tour of the Shooting Sites
Discussion Leader: Julie Pierson and Panel Members

Break: 10:00-10:15

Session Four: 10:15- 11:45
Report from UNLV Staff and Students
Discussion Leader: Abigail Jones and Rachel Crosby + 3 students

Break: 11:45-12:00

Lunch: 12:00 PM
12:30 Report from the Case Study Recorder: Abigail Jones

Session Five: 1:00-3:00
Report from Journalists
Discussion Leader: Abigail Jones
Panel: Rachel Crosby; Amanda Fortini; Leila Fadel; additional local journalist (Abigail)

Break: 3:00-3:15

Session Six: 3:15-4:45
Report from Security Leadership
Discussion Leader: Steve Sacchetti and Kevin Francis + 2 local security personnel
Break: 4:45-6:00

Dinner: 6:00

Evening: Free

Wednesday, May 2
Breakfast: 8:00 AM

Session Three: 8:30-9:30
Report from the Researches
Discussion Leader: Charles Jennings; Glenn Corbett

Synthesis: Abigail Jones and ACIA Leadership