ACIA Council

The Academy for Critical Incident Analysis has been established by the Dart Foundation at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The leadership of the Academy is provided by the ACIA Council, an Executive Committee, and an Executive Director.

ACIA Executive Director, Project Officers and Staff

  • Executive Director: Glenn Corbett, P.E.
    • Administrative Assistant: Lisa Rodriguez
  • Executive Committee
    • Ned Benton, Ph.D.
    • Charles Jennings, Ph.D.

The ACIA Council

The ACIA Council is comprised of people who are noteworthy in the professions and disciplines related to critical incident analysis, along with the John Jay faculty members who are on the Executive Committee and the Executive Director. The role of the Advisory Council is to provide strategic oversight and advice concerning ACIA projects, initiatives and publications. The current Chair of the ACIA Council is Professor Ned Benton.

ACIA Council Public Members and Terms

  • Bruce Shapiro, AY 2009-2010 through AY 2017-2020
  • Steve Gorelick, Ph.D. AY 2011-2012 through AY 2017-2020
  • Victor Herbert, Ed.D. AY 2018-2021

ACIA Council Faculty Members and Terms

  • Glenn Corbett, P.E., AY 2008-2009   and AY 2010-2011 through AY 2018-2021
  • Denise Thompson, Ph.D., AY 2011-2012 and  AY 2012-2013 through AY 2017-2020
  • Charles Jennings, Ph.D., AY2017-2020
  • Ned Benton, Ph.D., AY 2008-2009 through AY 2010-2011,  and AY 2001-2012 through AY 2018-2021  – Council Chair