The Academy for Critical Incident Analysis, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has been established with the support of the Dart Foundation, to promote and disseminate scholarly research relating to the emergence, management and consequences of critical incidents. ACIA sponsors scholarship and research, hosts conferences and symposiums, and maintains research archives of incident records. ACIA also supports the development and dissemination of course curricula and supporting media for the teaching of critical incident analysis, and supports related instruction at the graduate and undergraduate level at John Jay College.

Our May 2018 conference concerned the Mass Assault in Las Vegas which took place in October 2017. A group of survivors, first responders, psychiatrists, journalists and security specialists gathered in Las Vegas to study the aftermath of the Route 91 shooting. This rare mix of experts came together to understand how the shooting happen; why the festival was such a vulnerable target; survival and survivors; medical responses to large-scale assaults, and journalists’ roles in covering the story. The three-day conference—organized by the Academy for Critical Incident Analysis (ACIA) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice—offered ringside seats to an historic conversation on the impact of the tragedy.

Our report, written by Abigail Jones, is here: Mass Assault in Las Vegas.